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Name: Nine Corporation

Founded: By Nine Simon in 1996

Type: Media, Entertainment & Services Conglomerate.

Operations (Past & Present): music; movies; TV production; video games; IT & Media services; magazines; comics; board games; scheduled events and online entertainment

Based: London, England,

Location: Enavrin, London E7 0YX

Goal: To become a leading media, entertainment, and services conglomerate.

Other Facts:

Company mascot: Flip

Built, pioneered and lead 3 music scenes/communities.

Became media community in 2012.

Biggest Division: Nine Music

Most successful music release: Nine Anthems - From The Dirt Came Forth Bread

Most successful video game: Destiny 5th Part 5

• Originally a comic organisation called Detanio founded in 1995.
• Nine Foundation was founded as a record label in 1996
• Nine Foundation and Detanio merged in 1997 to become the Nine Foundation Corporation (then informal name).
• Then finally changed it's name to the Nine Corporation in 2004.