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Description of the milestones reached by the Nine Corporation and all of it's assets.

Mr Nine Simon writes his first comic strip at 8 years old. He calls it 'Super Dean'. Nine Simon
records his first song.

Mr Simon develops a fan base for his comic strips and creates 'Mushroom Ninja'.

'Teenage Mutant Micro Ninjas' was Mr Simon's first complete comic book. 'The Hate Brothers' is
his first board game. Mr Simon records his first album.

Mr Simon creates his first movie called 'Firing Flares'.

Mr Simon sets up a fantasy company.

The fantasy company merges with a local fantasy company.

'Flip' is created. fantasy company ends and Mr Simon creates a comic organization called Detanio.

Detanio's first Video 'WFW' is Released. Mr Simon creates The Nine Foundation. The
'Five Star Ep' is the biggest Nine Foundation release of it's time.

'How I Want To' is the biggest selling Nine Foundation Single of it's time.
Detanio merges with The Nine Foundation. 'Park Party' is Nine Foundation's first live event.
'Stay In Your House' is Nine Foundation's first music video.

The Nine Foundation undergoes massive restructuring of it's music roster, and a change
of it's music fan base. Mr Simon begins to build the new generation of music artists with the
signing of MFG.

'Flip; The Begining' and 'Flip; The battle That Changed The Skies' comic books were release.
The Latter being biggest Nine Foundation comic release of it's time. Nine's World becomes the Nine Foundations 1st magazine.

Nine Foundation enters it's 2nd generation titled 'New Generation'. www.ninefoundation.co.uk was
released, and is Nine Foundation's biggest franchise. 'The Ninth Wonder Of The World' is
released becoming the biggest Nine Foundation Lp release of it's time.

'Food Wars' is Nine Foundation's first Movie and soundtrack release. The 'Titans album' is
Nine Foundation's first joint album with external record label.

The Hermit' screening is the biggest Nine Foundation Movie night of it's time.

'9online' is The Nine Foundation first web franchise. Nine Foundation releases
'Mushroom Ninja: Lava Caves', it's first video game.

The '9Online Album' is Nine Foundation Music's first enchanced cd. GYLE Records is the first
Record label acquired by Nine Foundation Music. Nine Music releases Nine Anthems 'From The Dirt Came Forth Bread, which is it's biggest project to date. Nine Foundation Corporation changes it's
name to the Nine Corporation.

En audio show is the Nine Corporation's 1st Audio Magazine. Nine Music completes the Nine Anthems
'From The Dirt Came Forth Bread' Tour, which is Nine Music's largest tour to date.

Nine Corporation enters a period of inactivity known as the Great Depression. This period effects the many other organisations.

Nine Interactive, Nine Universe, Nine Classic Recordings and NM2 is launched.

Nine Corporation relaunches after the Great Depression.

Nine Corporation launches SuperShoot.

Nine Music releases 'When He Came Around'. The Winter 2010 SuperShoot is the biggest to date.

9Online launched 9Online Arena.

Nine Corporation launches the Nine Corp Lair. Nine Interactive releases Benghazi Blitz, October Crisis, and Ganigi Cleaning On Wadadli within the first 6 weeks of the year. Prime Jam is rebranded as a live music night. NCN launches the Moria Shonekan Blog. Nine Corporation launches The Music Love Showcase. Nine Music releases the Nine Corporation Celebration Album and the launch celebration

Nine Corporation launched the Cacica Film Festival. NCN Launches The World Blog.

The Nine Corp Vision music video is released and becomes the most inpirational Nine Corp music video of the era. Nine Music launched All I Want For Christmas Is You wihich became the biggest Nine Corporation online music release of all time..