Outstanding SuperShoot!

Outstanding weather conditions made for a memorable day as the Nine Corporation debut it's first SuperShoot. 7 Nine Corpers showed up to the Winter 2009 SuperShoot (6 Nine Music artists and 1 Executive) which is the first gathering of Nine Corp citizens since the Aftershock Depression.

Attending the event were Stalker, Cuthbert 80, Nine Taurus, Paro, Dark Rain, Gambino and Nine Corp executive Wolde Kennedy. "This is our year!" Paro adds "2009 is the year of the Nine Corporation".

Great pictures were taken and there was a listening session of Nine Anthems, Mustang Productions, and the last remaining Symbolic Soul beat.

The Nine Corporation also unveiled a new accolade competition called The Best Song in the World, where everybody in the Nine Corp World votes for there best song. Stay tuned for more info.