SuperShoot Cancelled

The Spring 2009 SuperShoot that was due to take place on May 31st was cancelled due to the failure in attendance of key individuals. The Nine Corporation decided not to reschedule the this event but it is still going ahead with the Summer 2009 SuperShoot, which is scheduled for the end of August.

Some Nine Corpers believe that this is the signs of a slump in Nine Music activity. Nine Simon has acknowledged the lack of motivation and ambition that has that has existed in NIne Music for just over 6 weeks.

History has shown that when a leading division slumps, another division usually takes the lead. That was the case with the slipping Nine Music in 1998 when Nine Foundation Comics over took and was the leading division until Summer year 2000.

Could this happen again? Which division would take the lead? Could Nine Pictures do a repeat of late 2002 or is this Nine Universe's time to shine. We will just have to wait and see.......