Clear Weather For SuperShoot

The Winter 2010 SuperShoot was a success thanks to the weather and the 12 Nine Corper turnout. Rain was forecast for the day and it looked like the rain was going to spoil supershoot, but the rain cleared out by 3pm, just in time for a memorable SuperShoot.

Attending the event was Stalker, Gambino, Cuthbert 80, Clarity, Dark Rain, Nine Taurus, Paro and the prospects SG, Stephan, Eveton Burford and Lil C. This was the biggest gathering of Nine Corpers since the 2009 Winter SuperShoot.

Great pictures were taken in the scenic Canary Wharf, Cabot Square. The Nine Corporation has announced that it will create a SuperShoot site where Nine Corpers and fans can see the finished pictures.