Summer 2010 SuperShoot

You can now see the pictures from the Summer 2010 SuperShoot by clicking here and going to the Super Shoot site.

Rain was scheduled but the weather held up again for the Nine Corpers who attended the event. New Nine Corper, D Darq, initiated a freestyle cipher as Nine Taurus beat boxed. Then Lifer and Paro took there turns. When Nine took his turn in free styling D Darq displayed his skills as he started to beat box. Nine Taurus then started to beat box with D Darq with them doing the high and low melodies respectively, then switched it vice versa. Lil C then randomly called a passer by to take part in one of the pictures.

In attendance was Lifer, Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80, D Darq, Lil C, Eveton Burford and Paro.