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Real Name: Jayce Smith
DOB: May 9th 1973
Species: 50% Human (75% African, 10% Indo-Caribbean, 10% Native American, 5% Caucasian)
25% Alpha, 25% Humano.
Height: 5 ft 9"
Weight: 140 lb/ 10 stones.
Occupation: head of Multy Town Special Forces (Formerly a rap artist)
First Appearance: Flip #1 (1995)


Flip possess the ability leap to an altitude of 52,000 ft (16 km) in 10 seconds (3600 miles per hour). His body can withstand incredible amounts of G force. He has superhuman reflexes and agility which is unparalleled by any other being. Flip has the ability to draw objects towards his hands. If the object is heavier that he is, he is drawn towards the object. He also has knowledge of all weapons, and can use all machinery.


Flip has two Vulcan blaster wrist straps, a Vulcan shield, and a Vulcan blade. All of which work telepathically.


Jayce was born in Toronto, Canada where he lived until he was 10. Then he moved to New York City, USA and stayed there until he was 12. Finally Jayce moved to London, England and settled there. Jayce never knew his father John Smith (who died fighting Mutow), he was raised by his mother Marion Smith. Jayce and Marion Smith were poor Jayce would find ways to help his mother with the bills.

When Jayce was 20 he got signed up by a record label. He soon became a big rap artist, touring the world and freeing his mother from a life of poverty. Then one day back stage on tour flip heard voices coming from a mirror. Before he knew it he was sucked through the mirror, through an astronomical worm hole, and into another world.

Jayce landed on the planet Alpha Supeara, and was immediately confronted by Prince Jampa and King Feline. After a lot of persuasion Prince Jampa and King Feline manage to convince Jayce that it was his destiny to become the Flip.

Jayce is now the head of the Multy Town Special Forces, fighting all that wish to end freedom.