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Nine Taurus - Futile Tears

Futile Tears is the sophomore album from Nine Taurus. This Album was released in May 2005 and has been credited as the project that started the play and buy theory in Nine Music, and for being Nine Taurus’ best work.

The Enhanced CD on this album is especially acclaimed for being technically advanced, this was created by the multimedia genius Carl Andrews. To view the lyrics, users turn the pages on a virtual lyrics book. The bonus track ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ was praised so much so that many have argued that it should have been on the album listing.

The creation of this album is famously known for the large amount of technical problems. A lot of the problems were noted in the 9Online song ‘Futile Restraint’. The types of difficulties include, manufacturing, personal issues, supplier issues, recording issues and tour issues; all of which contributed to the Great Depression.

Track listings;

1. Intro
2. Look at you now
3. Day in the life 1995
4. Concerned parent
5. Michael
6. At night
7. No love
featuring Ikuyo
8. Born of a woman
9. Diva
10. Borrowed time
11. This world is great
12. Caught in the middle
13. Mind state ‘96
14. Mileage
15. Global epidemic
16. World leaders
featuring Marshall Raw, Rap Raven, Lyricis
17. Baton
18. Swinging 80's
featuring Potent Clarity, Bomb, Dark Horse
19. Too many jaws
20. Serengeti
21. Fly away
22. Let it go
23. Where were you?
24. Same way
25. What’s going on?
26. Fight on
27. Outro