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The Voicemail Album

The Voicemail album is a parody album of tracks made to be recorded as voicemail greetings and messages. The album was released in 2002.

Track Listings

01 Intro (Dark Horse)
02 You know he's perfect (Nine Taurus)
03 Oh! (Nine Taurus)
04 Woosie (Paro, Tuff Ed, Nine Taurus)
05 The NineTor Menice (Nine Taurus)
06 Run tings/your breath (Nine Taurus)
07 Nine is *** (Dark Horse)
08 You breath is one in a million (Nine
09 Nine is a star (Nine Taurus)
10 It's all your fault (Nine Taurus)
11 He's *** (Dark Horse)
12 And you know you are *** (Nine Taurus)
13 Like it or not (Nine Taurus)
14 Your music is crap/you are *** (Nine
15 He's a ***** (Dark Horse)
16 Darnell! You’re *** (Nine Taurus)
17 Jason! You’re *** (Nine Taurus)
18 Jermaine! You’re *** (Nine Taurus)
19 For the world (Dark Horse)
20 Nine likes to much sex (Nine Taurus)
21 Have a Nine little christmas (Nine
22 Can you smell what the Nine is cooking
(Nine Taurus)
23 Dhalsim remix
24 Maday Maday (Nine Taurus)
25 Nine is perfect (Nine Taurus)
26 You'd **** anybody (Nine Taurus)
27 You stupid ***** (Nine Taurus)
28 Shut your mouth (Nine Taurus)
29 You stink of crap (Nine Taurus)