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Cuthbert 80 – When He Came Around

When He Came Around is the debut album released by Cuthbert 80. The album was released to large critical acclaim and was long awaited.


Not long after he released The Things You Do, Nine Taurus tried to convince Cuthbert 80 to release a solo album. Cuthbert 80 finally agreed and started to work on recording the album with Nine Taurus.

Cuthbert 80 went searching for a producer that could produce the live sound he wanted for some of the songs on his album. He found producer BPM and began recording many songs, but the recording process proved to be quite rocky as BPM became hard to contact on many occasions.

Nine Taurus produced the original version of Oh My Gosh. Cuthbert 80 noted he was both impressed and humour by the drums, which he called “drummer on drugs”. He then got BPM to record the final version replicating the “drummer on drugs” feel from the first version.

During the great depression Cuthbert 80 had stopped recording but continued performing. BPM had become impossible to contact and Cuthbert 80 had become distraught with the whole situation. Rap Raven managed to revamp Cuthbert’s interests by producing 2 tracks for him and designing the album cover for him.

Cuthbert stated that he had finished recording for his album. Nine started the process of releasing the album and had sent it off to be duplicated, then Cuthbert 80 mentioned that there should be another song on the album. Nine quickly tried to intercept the duplicators and managed to do it in the nick of time to get the albums back to meet the release date.

When He Came Around was successfully released on July 31st 2010 at the launch party at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill. There was a golden ticket in one of the albums at launch party which gave the winner a ticket to the Renualt World Series at Silverstone.

Track Listings

1 Intro
2 My Gosh
3 Interlude
4 Do You Know (Fred)
5 What Does It Take
6 I Told You So
7 Rotten Miracles
8 Try Me
9 I Know You
10 The Things You Do
11 Interlude
12 He Was The Best
13 Go To Hell
14 What Keeps Me Going (Featuring Bomb Foley, Stalker, Rap Raven, Jr T)
15 One Day (featuring Nine Taurus)
16 Outro

Executive Producer; Darnell Ibraham, Jerome “Legend” White, and Dean “Nine” Simon.