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U Knew It Was Coming

U Knew It Was Coming is the 2005 sophomore album from the duo Big Sirach and Lyricis. The album was the first GYLE Records album to be released as part of the Nine Music and features all of GYLE Records artists. The album also features Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80, and Stalker just to name a few.

Track Listings

1. Intro
2. Mucky Endz
3. S.E.R.I.O.U.S
4. Never Lose
5. I Can Go out Anywhere
6. Don’t Be Judgy
7. We’re Best feat Crimson Rage
8. Who’s To Blame
9. Not Ur Average
10. Final Battle feat Stalker
11. Adebisi Interlude
12. Bad, Evil & Me
13. Too Far
14. Countdown feat Nine Taurus & Dark Horse
15. Come On
16. Live It
17. Vent feat Tyga Dark Star (TDS)
18. U Knew It Was Coming
19. Struggle (Outro)

Executive Producer: Stephen ‘Lyricis’ Horsford