In 2003 the Nine Corporation launched 9Online which revolutionized web entertainment in the Nine Corp World and changed Nine Corporation forever.

The first monthly song ever released was Vide-endo, and with it history was made. The Nine Corporation stated that an album containing all of the monthly music releases on 9Online would be available the following year.

In 2004 Nine Music released the first 9Online Album which was one of the biggest releases that year. It spawned to 2 big singles Nokia Face Off and Vide-endo, the latter was made into a music video.

In 2005 Nine Music released the 9Online Album Volume 2 just before the end of the new year. The album spawned the single Glorious and You Fool.

In 2009 the 9Online Album Volume 3 was released to a new generation of the Nine Corporation. The singles Elysian Fields, Tri Gen, and In My World be came big singles and drove the success of the album.

Now in 2015 the long awaitied 9Online Album Volume 4 is out now.

The 9Online albums have become legendary. They are renowned for their unique way of releasing albums, and often cutting edge songs.