Nine Taurus stared experimenting with music at 8 years old. He would use a cheep music keyboard and coke bottles for drums to make music. He would record this all on a portable stereo.

Between 1991 and 1995 Nine Taurus recorded many songs and even constructed an album under the name Cool C. Nine met Terra Cassanova (then known as T Bob) in 1992. Nine’s interest in hip hop grew as Terra would play a lot of hip hop videos and songs. This influenced Nine Taurus to rap about what he was experiencing.

In 1995 Nine Taurus’s (then called Death) music took a more serious tone as he began to rap about what he would see and go through. He started to produce songs using Mario Paint and record them on a dictator machine. In late 1995 he recorded songs like ‘If I Die’.

In 1996 Nine Taurus started Nine Music and signed Five Star his new group. Five Star released their debut album of the same name. Nine remained very active after the Five Star album was released by producing 6 singles and featuring on most Nine Music releases. This included the 1997 ‘Estate Life’ single which is considered a classic.

In 2000 after the Nine Music Crash, Nine Taurus released his debut album ‘Ninth Wonder of the World’ to large critical acclaim. After that he teamed up with Rap Raven to produce the ‘Titans album’ also to critical acclaim.

Nine featured on many projects after 2001 including the ‘Hermit Soundtrack’. In 2003 he made critically acclaimed (some controversial) songs for 9Online. Songs like ‘Vide-endo’ and ‘Cursed’ were praised for their freshness. In 2004 Nine released Nine Anthems ‘From The Dirt Came Forth Bread’, Nine Music’s most successful project.

2005 saw the release of his sophomore album ‘Futile Tears’. Despite the rocky development, the album was received well, many sighting it as his best work. After that Nine released a string of creative 9Online songs.

In 2009 Nine Taurus emerged as the leading artist in his music community after most of them fell victim to unforseen issues. He featured on many albums to expand his audience to many new audiences. Nine appeared heavily on the Nine Corporation Celebration album which became one of the most iconic modern NIne Music releases.

Christmas 2014 saw the release of highly critically acclaimed 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. He then featured heavily on the '9Online Album Volume 4', in particular the song 'Ill Chords Wine Broads'.