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All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You is a single released by Nine Taurus featuring Anne-Marie.The single was released on 9Online in 2014 as a christmas song as responsible for a surge in viewing numbers on 9Online and ninecorp.com.


Nine Taurus said he always wanted to release a christmas hip hop song as he felt that there were not enough christmas hip hop songs. With the new expanded 9Online being launched, there was now a platform to launch the single. He recorded, wrote and produced the song in one week and scheduled Anne-Maries recording that week.

The single was launched on December 8th and received over 8,000 views in is first week. It eventually received over 35,000 before it was replaced in early January 2015.


Many have called this one of Nine Taurus most iconic songs and have praised the production and lyrics. Anne-Marie's singing received very positive comments, with one comment stating "it added a magic element to the song". It has become the de facto standard measure for all christmas songs.