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Anne-Marie is a Nine Music singer who first appeared on the 9Online song ‘Weird Dreams’. Since then she has featured on other songs on the 9Online Album Volume 2, The Flip Celebration Album, D Darq's single Black Ah Kill Black, and the Nine Corporation Celebration Album. Anne Marie is acclaimed for her versatility.


Anne-Marie first appeared on the the 9Online song Weird Dreams in 2004. She featured on Farewell/Welcome on 9Online later that year, and then made her biggest feature of the year on Glorious.

She then made a big feature on the Flip Celebration Album single Breath, and later on D Darq's Black Ah Kill Black. These features raised her profile signiicatly expecially as Breath became a popular as part of the Responsibiltes music video.

In 2012 Anne-Marie made he biggest appearences to date on the Nine Corporation Celebration Album. She sang the chorus of the most popular song on the album and one of the most popular Nine Corp songs of all time, the Nine Corp Vision. She also featured on the emensly popular song 9Online from the same album and had her only song on there titled Nine Universe.

Later on Nine Corp Vision was made into the hugley acclaimed music video. Anne-Marie's feature in this and the huge single All I Want For Christmas Is You projected her to being one of NIne Music's most popular artists.