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The Nine Corporation Celebration Album

The Nine Corporation Celebration Album is a music album released on Nine Music on September 13th 2012. The album features the majority of Nine Music artists celebrating 50 Nine Music releases.

The album cover was particularly acclaimed and referred to as the "greatest album cover of all time". It features every Nine Corper that has made a contribution, past and present. The back cover features the majority of released Nine Corp products.

The album launch party was held on September 15th and featured performances many artists, but it is noted for being D Darq's Debut performance. It was recognized as the most glamorous Nine Corp Night of the year.

1. Intro
2. Invitation to Our World (Paro, Lifer, Nine Taurus, Cuthbert 80)
3. End of the wet shit (Lifer, Cuthbert 80, Nine Taurus, Paro, Stalker, Lyricis, Ikuyo)
4. It's Started/Now We Celebrate (Cuthbert 80)
5. Glory Years (Nine Taurus, Anne-Marie & Cuthbert 80)
6. Nine Music’s Here F The World (Lifer)
7. Nine Pictures Made Superstars (Nine Taurus, Lifer, Cuthbert 80, Anne Marie)
8. Rare Breed (Nine Taurus)
9. The Nine Corp Vision (D Darq, Z Cancer, Nine Taurus Anne-Marie)
10. New Generation (Lifer, Krayz, Z Cancer, Paro, D Darq)
11. Age of the Big 3 (Marshall Raw, Rap Raven, Nine Taurus, Deborah Louise)
12. Software House (Nine Taurus)
13. Shame! (Anne-Marie, Paro, Cuthbert 80, Stalker)
14. The Way (D Darq, Cuthbert 80)
15. 9Online (Lyricis, D Darq, Paro, Anne-Marie)
16. Huned Percent (D Darq, Nine Taurus)
17. Get Familiar (Z Cancer, Nine Taurus)
18. Nine Corp Wigga (Lyricis, Nine Taurus, Stalker)
19. Nine Universe (Anne-Marie)
20. Amazing (Paro, D Darq, Z Cancer, Anne-Marie, BR, Cuthbert 80, Nine Taurus, Clarity)