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Nine Corporation Executive Administration

The Nine Corporation Executive Administration (aka Executives, Corporate Enavrin) is the executive division that manages the Nine Corporation’s activities.


The Nine Corporation Executive Administration began in 2001 when Nine Simon decided to create a team to mange the Nine Corporation.

The first executives were Wolde Kennedy (CFO), Peter Goodman (Multimedia Executive) and Nine Simon (CEO). Peter was reasonable for the first few versions of ninefoundation.co.uk. Wolde was new to Nine Corporation.

Later Nine hired Liam Brown as a promotion executive and the team grew to 4. Liam was behind the street promotion for The Hermit Screening. Liam also became an artist on Nine Music. His aspirations to be an artist would eventually change his agenda at Nine Corporation, in winter 2002 he left the Nine Corporation

Peter Goodman stepped down as Multimedia Executive in 2003 for personal commitments.

Stephen ‘Lyricis’ Horsford became a Nine Corp Executive when Nine Music aquire GYLE Records in late 2003. As the CEO of GYLE Records he would see over all of it’s operations. Then in spring 2004 Troy ‘Symbolic’ Davids became a Nine Corp Executive when he created Rebellious Records as a sub division of Nine Music.

Troy and Rebellious Records left Nine Music and dismantled later that year making the Executives 3 again.