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Rebellious Records Mix CD: The 1st Chapter

The Rebellious Records Mix CD: The 1st Chapter is the first and only release from Rebellious Records. This album is noted for being the first release from a Nine Music subsidiary. The album features many Nine Music artists, as well as artists from the defunct Circle. The album was released in 2004.

Track Listings

1. 4 Minute Mile (intro) – produced by I.Q
2. The Orcs – performed by Dark Horse, Rap Raven, Symbolic, Marshall Raw, Nine Taurus
3. 2 Minute Taster - performed by Saint, Scorpion, Jr .T, Rap Raven
4. Two Draws – performed by Symbolic
5. Gurdian Angel – performed by Nine Taurus
6. Nothing Nice – performed by Symbolic, Genie, Saint
7. Intermissionary (interlude) – produced by I.Q
8. Bring Back The Old Raven – performed by Rap Raven
9. Take Anything - performed by Marshall Raw
10. Spine Chillin (never made the album) performed by Symbolic
11. Marshmallow Man – performed by Nine Taurus