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9Online Album Volume 3

The 9Online Album Volume 3 is the third album in the 9Online series that was released in August 2009. This album featured all the 9Onine singles for the year 2005.

Track Listings

9Online Album Volume 3

1. Tri Gen (Nine Taurus)
2. Higher Level (Gambino)
3. Wordplay (Stalker, Cuthbert 80, Lyricis, Symbolic, Nine Taurus, Clarity, Big Sirach, Scorpion)
4. Futile Restraint (Nine Taurus)
5. I Don’t Care (Clarity, Nine Taurus, Bomb)
6. Spitteth (MFG, Lyricis, Stalker, Big Sirach, Clarity, Symbolic)
7. In My World (Cuthbert 80, Lyricis, Gambino, Nine Taurus)
8. Routine (Clarity, MFG, Nine Taurus)
9. Ain’t My Dog (Gambino)
10. Rep How You F****d Up (Nine Taurus)
11. Poo Weather (Cuthbert 80, Nine Taurus)
12. Elysian Fields (Nine Taurus)

Executive Producer: Dean ‘Nine’ Simon