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Nine Anthems

Type Production Organisation
Founded 1998
Location London, United Kingdom
Key People Dean ‘Nine’ Simon, CEO, founder
Members Total 2, Current 1

Nine Anthems is a production organisation that produces Hip Hop music for the majority of Nine Music’s artists. It is the dominate production organisation in Nine Music and has recieved an extraordinary amount of critical acclaim for it's music style. The top 4 Nine Music releases are 100% producted by Nine Anthems.


Nine Taurus was producing beats from the late 1980s using unconventional methods (coke bottles, card board boxes). In the 90s it developed when he started using Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo. Nine Taurus contiued to produce this way when he started up the Nine Corporation in 1996, becoming the sole producer for his label Nine Music.

In 1998 Nine Taurus decided to set up Nine Anthems anticipating that he would no longer be the sole producer on Nine Music, and wanting to ensure the fans of his production would easily be able to identfiy the music. Nine Taurus' debut album was released in 2000 and all beat were produced by Nine Anthems. It was the most successfull album of its time.

In 2004 From The Dirt Came Forth Bread was released as Nine Anthems debut production album. The album featured all of that generatons biggest artists and it became Nine Music most successful project. Futile Tears, Nine Taurus's sophmore album also featured 100% Nine Anthems production. It became Nine Music's second most successful album.

Rex Type Beats

Mainly known as Nine Taurus' production label, there was one other producer who was involved in Nine Anthems known as "Rex Nine". Rex Nine passed away in 2004. Nine Taurus credits him for the creation of a style of production he called a Rex Type beat. This type of production can be heard on Tactics from the debut Nine Anthems album and Huned Percent on the Nine Corporation Celebration Album. Nine states that "Rex was trying to produce beats like the ones that became popular in the mainstream in the early 2000s, but trying to keep it sounding like real Hip Hop. To a certain extent he did it, so I will keep the legacy of these beats going.

75% Branding

In 2000 Nine Taurus decided to further ensure that fans could identify to type of sound that would be on a product by putting the NIne Anthems logo on any product that features more than 75% of the production. This can be seen on many Nine Music releases.


From The Dirt Came Forth Bread (2004)