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Nine Taurus - The Ninth Wonder of the World

The Ninth Wonder of the World (sometimes shorted to Ninth Wonder) is the legendary debut album from Nine Taurus. This album was released in November 2000 and has been credited as the classic album that created the Second Generation and ended the Nine Music Crash.


Nine Taurus planned to produce his debut album after the Five Star’s second album (which was never released). After Five Star disbanded he started to experiment with new recording techniques with his new group the Ninez Nation. In winter 1998 he recorded ‘All About The Nine’ which was leaked by the Ninez Nation without his knowing. He then recorded Glamour Future in 1999 which was also leaked.

When the Ninez Nation split up Nine Taurus started to vigorously record for his new album. The songs that Ninez Nation leaked proved successful in creating a hype for is album. Ninth Wonder was initially supposed to be an enhanced cd that would contain 2 bonus songs, but technical difficulties prevented this and the 2 songs ended up on the album as bonus tracks (‘Meganine’ and ‘I don’t give a f**k)

On September 9th 2009, Nine Classics release a Special Edition of this album. The album was digitally enhanced and featured the lyrics to the songs on the album on an enhanced CD. The enhanced CD also featured a bonus track featuring Clarity and Dark Rain.


The Album was released to majority critical acclaim. Many stating that the album was life changing and inspirational. The album spawned many immortal classic songs like ‘Kindness is a weakness’, Alter Ego and ‘Glamour Future. The album also created and introduced artists like MFG, Cuthbert 80 (credited as Darnell), Offkey Logic, Gambino and Eloquence.

Although the album was not toured, it generated a hype that exceed it’s unit production. Nine Taurus only performed once for this album, all other promotion was done through guest appearances and word of mouth.

It was noted that there were a small incident of hecklers in East Ham College. (see Ninth Wonder East Ham College Hecklers Controversy).

Track listings

1. Intro
2. Rap 4 Me
3. KK, Lads
4. All About the Nine
5. Glamour Future
6. Cruel Love (F/ M.F.G)
7. Word of Nine 1
8. The Cause\Merceyless S**t II
9. Word of Nine 2
10. Cold war
11. Nine Tor
12. M.I.B\Jealous cats
13. Nines Mythology
14. Don't watch me (F/ Gambino)
15. Blatant
16. Word of Nine 3
17. Alter Ego
18. A world without nine
19. Word of Nine 4
20. Kindness is a weakness
21. Nines Island
22. Legend of Nine (F/ Darnell)
23. Watch this
24. Charge
25. Legendary Allience of Nine (F/ Rap Raven,
OffKey, M.F.G, Eloquence, and The Bomb)
26. Lost Kingdom
27. Bonus stage
28. Meganine (F/ Darnell)
29. Don't give a f**k

Executive Producer: Dean "Nine" Simon

The Ninth Wonder of the World SE

In 2009 Nine Music released a Special Edition version of the album which contained digitally enhanced versions of the songs, enhanced CD section with featured the lyrics of the songs on the album, and a bonus track on the enhanced CD titled GL Theory which features Clarity and Lifer (listed as Dark Rain).