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Second Generation

The Second Generation of the Nine Corporation started in the year 2000 and ended in 2008. Sometimes referred to as Sec Gen it is most remembered as the age of new technology. This saw the launch of ninefoundation.co.uk, music products were now released on cd, animated movies with full sound were released, products gained radio and television exposure, and all packaging was inkjet and laser printed. The later part of the Second Generation contained The Great Depression.

Nine Music’s roster consisted of artists like Symbolic, El Kirbio, MFG and Nine Taurus (still on Nine Music). This generation also consited of the Era Of The Three Tours. The most successfull album of this Generation was Nine Anthems - From The Dirt Came Forth Bread.

Nine Pictures contained brands like Food Wars, The Hermit, EN, Horse Ass and OffkeyOvision. It also contained The Hermit Screening.

9Online allowed for the release of 22 video games including Flip Descent, Destiny 5th, and Lightno.

Other activities included video game league, entertainment events, calendars, collectors posters.