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Nine Pictures

Type Movie Studio
Organisations Nine Movies
Location Forest Gate, London E7 (Formerly White City, London W10)

Previously known as Detaino films and Nine Foundation Movies, Nine Pictures is a movie studio that currently produces short movies and animated short movies. It is responsible for movies such as Food Wars and The Hermit, and it has produce brands like WFW/War Toons, and Remember.


In 1995 Detanio films was created as a division of Detanio. It’s first movie how ever was released ‘WFW Action’ released in 1996. This was received well and the division started work on the never completed Micro Ninjas Movie. Work ended due to technical and timescale issues so Nine Pictures (by that time was named Nine Foundation Movies) began work on a sequel to ‘WFW Action’ named ‘WFW Action; The New Generation’, which was released in 1998 and was the last of the puppet movies released.

In 1999 Nine Pictures released Flip Teaser which was the first animated short movie the division released. Nine Pictures started to experiment with DV video technology and started to work on the next movie. Then in 2001 Food Wars was released. The film was accompanied by a soundtrack album, which was the first movie Nine Pictures to have a soundtrack album. The lead single from the album, Represent, featured the first edited music video from the Nine Corporation.

In 2002 The Hermit was released which was the first live action movie to be releasd on Nine Pictures. The film screening was a huge success and the film received heavy rotation on TV. The music videos for the lead singles from the soundtrack album also received heavy rotation on TV. Nine Pictures then started to release a series of sketches and documentaries including the EN: Nine Foundation 2003. Why Me was released and shown at a small screening in 2004.

Nine Pictures released it's first straight to DVD product in 2009 with Nine Music; The Videos. Then in the same year the Explorer Intro, was released as the first reality show, on 9Online, to chronical Nine Corporation's exploration after the Great Depression.

War Toons Episode 1 was released in 2010 and quickly dominated the views on 9Online. It was the first time the WFW/War Toons characters were seen since 1998. Then in 2013 War Toons Episode 2 was released at the Cacica Film Festival and then on to 9Online, dominating the web views on the platform again.

In 2014 Nine Pictures started to focus on shows that highlighted Nine Music and Nine Corp World artists and products. The Hottest was released on 9Online in 2014. By this time, 9Online became to de facto platform for releases from Nine Pictures. Why Me was released on 9Online in early 2016, then in The Grill was released which featured Nine Taurus talking about his 3rd album, The Awakening.

2017 saw the release of Remember 2016, the first episode in the Remember series. The following year Remember 2017 was released confirming the series commitment to releasing yearly episodes. Later in 2018 the long awaited Explorer Episode 1 was released as the last episode in the series as the Nine Corporation's exploration was complete. The first retrospective episode of the Remember series, Remember 2018, was released during the 2018 Wonder Weekend.

In 2019 Remember 2018 was released on 9Online, then The Grill Episode 2 was released focused on Clarity talking about his third single, More Than A Logo.