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Nine Pictures

Type Movie Studio
Organisations Nine Movies
Production 10
Population Total 5, Current 3
Location Forest Gate, London E7 (Formerly White City, London W10)

Previously known as Detaino films and Nine Foundation Movies, Nine Pictures is a Studio that currently produces short movies and animated short movies. It is responsible for movies such as Food Wars and The Hermit, and it has produce brands like WFW/War Toons.


In 1995 Detanio films was created as a division of Detanio. It’s first movie how ever was released ‘WFW Action’ released in 1996. This was received well and the division started work on the never completed Micro Ninjas Movie. Work ended due to technical and timescale issues so Nine Picture (by that time was named Nine Foundation Movies) began work on a sequel to ‘WFW Action’ named ‘WFW Action; The New Generation’.