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Nine Taurus - The Awakening

The Awakening is the third album from Nine Music rapper and CEO Nine Taurus. The album was release in September 2016. The album was released to large critical acclaim and inspired the resurrection of musical artists and many other talented people. It is also the first Nine Corporation project to collaborate with international artists., most notably Planet Asia.

Much like his previous album, The Awakening was due to contain an enhanced CD which allows people to view the lyrics to the songs. However due to technical issues Nine Taurus decided to make the enhanced CD content available on his website.

The creation of this album was unknown to the public until it was announced a month before its release. The announcement of the album created hysteria in the Nine Corp World. Many were very surprised that Nine Taurus was releasing another album and that it was almost complete at the time of announcement.

The promotion of the album, or lack there of, became a much debated topic. Many stated that with more promotion, the album would have received lucrative returns. Although the album was not toured and not promoted to media outlets, it out performed all of his previous albums. Nine Taurus advised that he does plan to perform songs from the album and videos are planned.


Although there was no promotion campaign prior to it's release, the album was sold out before the end of the first week. It was then sold out multiple times in the months ahead shortly after the stock were replenished. Audiences gained in the album via word of mouth during the first few years of it's release.

Many called the album a masterpiece and praised the various music styles on the album. Cuthbert 80 liked the album so much that he pressed his friends hard to by the album. Freshface stated "This album proved that Nine is one of the greatest artists of all time and definately the most underated rapper of all time." And added "His ability to rap over multiple genres of music, and still keep the Nine Taurus feel is extrodinary." Paro insisted that every song on the album should be releasd as a single.

3 years after it's release, the album had ressurgence when We Don't Sell Our Bums was released in 2019 followed by Femme Fatales in 2020. This projected the albums success beyond his previous releases and becomming the definitive Nine Taurus album.

Track listings;

1 Intro
2 When I was Just A Kid
3 Educate Yourself
4 Look Out - Ft Paro
5 Drama Queens
6 Warrior
7 Maybe
8 Are You A Liar - Ft Anne-Marie
9 Out With The Old
10 Might Get Sniped
11 I’m Good
12 Road Alumni
13 Purge Them
14 Born Of Glory
15 How I Got Here - Ft Afrix
16 Greatest To Ever Walk The Earth - Ft Anne-Marie
17 Femme Fatales - Ft Lazeezee
18 What’s Really Good
19 Look At Your Life - Ft Lazeezee
20 Life Got Them Down
21 Let The Beast Roar
22 We Don’t Sell Our Bums
23 S**t Beats
24 Dynasty - Ft Z Canzer, D Darq, Cuthbert 80, Paro, & Anne-Marie
25 Real - Ft Planet Asia
26 Best On Earth Since Birth
27 Spark Up
28 Outro