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Nine Corp world

The Nine Corp World is a community that consists of Nine Corporation personnel and it’s customer base. The community is global and it’s influence has lead to the acquisition of many organisations by the Nine Corporation. The Nine Corp World has allowed the Nine Corporation to exist as a media oasis, unaffected by the activities of the media world. "The world according to NIne Corp" is a phrase that is sometimes used.

Nine Corporation talent have become stars within this community even though they are virtually unknown in the out side world.

All Time Communities

Cyber Community

The Nine Corp cyber community developed from the 9Online community and The World. It has been the leading community in the Nine Corp World and continues to expand due to the success of The World. The views of this community vary greatly due to the spread over large geographical locations.

9Online Community

This community surged immediately from the launch of 9Online. This large community differs from the others as it’s views and opinions are split. Many members left messages on the now defunct 9Online Guestbook, but equally others would email. Forums would start on the guest book and spill over to the emails. Topics would consist of rumors, music, and video games.

Five Star Community

This was a very loud and outspoken community that often put several Nine Music artists in serious trouble. Known for creating the large amount of rumors circulating Nine Music and surrounding artists, they were many altercations between rival artists. Five Star fans were the loudest fans at all shows and they were known to heckle artists they didn’t like. New customers of Nine Music would simply get sucked in to the hype they generated. Because of this many Nine Music artists started experiencing delusions of grandeur. Eg; D’artanian was known as the best free-styler in the world which he believed and would always mention, when in fact outside of the Nine Corp World he was unknown.
Five Star and Nine Taurus Success. Nine Music’s signing of Linch Mob.

Varsity Community

Although the Varsity was small, it influenced many with it’s Frat parties and events that exposed Nine Music’s products to a large audience. The Varsity influences the musical direction of Nine Taurus and Nine Anthems, and also influenced the Administration of the Nine Corporation.

Nine Taurus Community

This community was at its largest around the release of his debut album the Ninth Wonder of the World. It was made up of some of the left over Five Star fan base and many members were also part of the Varsity Community. They are most famously known for their participation in the Ninth Wonder East Ham College Hecklers Controversy. Later many people from this community were also part of the Nine Anthems community.

Nine Anthems Community

This community shared residents with the Nine Taurus Community. It began to grow substantially due to The Nine Anthems Tour.

Symbolic and English Community

The community that was most integrated with the UK Hip Hop scene. Most of this scene derived from Symbolic’s and English’s participation in the Battle Scars Tournament.

Nine Pictures Community

This community manly derived from the Flip Teaser screening. It later grew as Food Wars was released and peaked when the Hermit was receiving heavy rotation on satellite television. The community is relatively calm compared to the other communities.


Most of the Nine Corp World is situated in England, primarily the Greater London area (estimated 40%). United States holds the second largest (estimated 25%) with the Canada third (estimated 18%). Japan had a population due to ventures with Japanese websites (estimated 10%) A European web campaign in 2004 created populations in Sweden, The Czech Republic, and Russia (combined Estimation 4%). The rest of the worlds attention from the West Indies, South America, and Africa is estimated at 3%.