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Nine Anthems – From The Dirt Came Forth Bread

From The Dirt Came Forth Bread (most known as the Bastard Album) is the debut album from Nine Anthems. This album is credited as the most successful Nine Music album to date. All production is from Nine Anthems and it features various artists from Nine Music and the surrounding music community.

This album was responsible for Nine Music’s biggest album tour as well as paving the way for future Nine Music tours (see The Nine Anthems tour).

A music video was also shot for 2 of the most promoted songs ‘Ninestein’ and ‘Mayhem’ which made as a joint video.

This album was also noted for it’s effective use of interludes and skits. The most revered is ‘Dick Heads’ where 2 unintelligent stereotypical street boys are insulting English Hip Hop until they are shot by the Friends Of Hip Hop.


The album was released to huge critical acclaim. Many felt that this album encapsulated Nine Music’s spirit. The enhanced cd was also acclaimed for it technical brilliance. The enhanced cd contain 3 bonus songs one of which is the acclaimed ‘Cunt Village’. Due to the huge tour, this album was lucrative and generated more hype than any Nine Music album apart from the Five Star album.

Nine Taurus has stated many times that there will be second Nine Anthems Album. Most famously on the Futile Tears track ‘Too Many Jaws’; F**ing exposed you pansies\ on the Bastard Album\ you still trying to talk some\ wait for the second one.

Track Listing

01 Intro
02 Blitz (Aggrovation, Bomb, Nine Taurus, Symbolic, Rap Raven, Gambino)
03 Ninestein (Nine Taurus)
04 The Box (El kirbio, Nine Taurus)
05 Savior (Interlude)
06 Tears (Symbolic, Nine Taurus, Ikuyo)
07 Jive (Stalker, Symbolic)
08 Power Struggle (Nine Taurus)
09 Dick Heads (Interlude)
10 The Greatest (Ikuyo)
11 Bastard (Symbolic, Nine Taurus)
12 Blown Off The Globe (El Kirbio)
13 Grass Roots (Rap Raven, Nine Taurus, Dark Horse)
14 Tactics (Dark Horse, Nine Taurus)
15 Nine Anthems (Ikuyo, Symbolic)
16 Game Cube Or Your Girl (Rap Raven)
17 Thanks (Nine Taurus)
18 He Is Dead (Bomb)
19 Mayhem (Offkey Logic, Bomb, Goldarloshivich, O2, Marshall Raw,
Shaolin Blo, Ikuyo, Nine Taurus)
20 Outro

Executive Producer: Dean 'Nine' Simon