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First Generation

The First Generation of the Nine Corporation (then Nine Foundation) is said to have started at Nine Corp’s birth in autumn 1996 and finished in 1999. But Detanio existed since 1995 (and had brands that it acquired existing 2 years before that), so technically first generation began a year after the Nine Corp entity existed. Remembered for it’s innocence and spirit, albums were released on cassette tape with hand drawn covers, comic strips and comic books had a lot of spelling mistakes, and visual quality of the videos were grainy and blurry.

The Nine Music (then Nine Foundation) roster consisted of artists like Five Star, Hera, D’artanian & Sour and Nine Taurus (currently on Nine Music). First generation was said to have contained Nine Music’s Glory Years. The most successful album of this generation was the Five Star Album.

Nine Pictures (then Nine Foundation Movies) produced WFW Action and WFW Action: New Generation.

Detanio boasted brands like Flip, Lightno, The Hate Brothers and WFW (Detanio merged with Nine Foundation to become Nine Foundation Corporation).