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The Food Wars Soundtrack

The Food Wars Soundtrack is the 2001 soundtrack album to the Nine Pictures movie Food Wars. This album is noted for being Nine Music’s first soundtrack album to a movie. This album also introduced many new artists like Symbolic.

Food Wars Soundtrack

01. Intro
02. Forever (Nine Taurus)
03. Clip from the movie 1
04. My S**t (Mfg, Stalker, Offkey,
PR Smarty, Symbolic)
05. Run Things (Nine Taurus, Gambino)
06. Represent (Stalker, Mfg, Nine Taurus
Offkey, Gambino, Dark Horse)
07. Live Mc's (Offkey, Eloquence,
Nine Taurus)
08. A World Without Piece (Nine Taurus,
09. Clip from the movie 2
10. Forensic Conversation (Symbolic)
11. Regulate (MFG)
12. Straight Spitting (Rap Raven, Bomb,
Black Rose)
13. Insane (Symbolic, Eloquence,
Nine Taurus)
14. Can't beat Us (Dark Horse,
Nine Taurus)
15. Outro