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Titans Album

The Titans Album is an album that was made by Nine Taurus and Rap Raven of Strength Movement Records (then Sin Movement). The album sort to bring together the 2 Record Label CEOs and their record labels for a titanic album. The album featured all the artists from the record labels and other artists from the surrounding music scene.

Production of the album was split 50\50 between Nine Anthems and Raven's Nest (Rap Raven’s production company). A lot of hype surrounded the release of this album which only intensified after it was released. Nine Taurus and Rap Raven performed at many shows while promoting this album.

The album also resulted in 2 music videos being shot for the songs ‘12 Bars Each’ and ‘Bad Days’.

This album has been noted as been significant in that is started and introduced many new artists to Nine Music and the surrounding music scene. It also brought together all the key people for The Circle music coalition.

1. Intro
2. Run the're coming
3. I am what I am
4. Funk off
5. The life I chose feat Dark Horse
6. Imaginary friend
7. Do what u got to do
8. The're the worlds most fearsom fighting team
feat The Bomb
9. I'm great
10. Car crash
11. Famous feat Stalker
12. Tag team myhtology champions
13. 12 bars each feat English, Aggrovation,
The Don, The Saint, The Bomb, 02
14. War is war
15. Who u asking feat MFG, Gambino,
16. No one can do the things you do
feat Aggrovation
17. Born gorgeous
18. Bad days feat Genie, Dark Horse
19. Infiltration feat El Kirbio, MFG,
Offkey Logic, Dark Horse, Stalker,
Symbolic, English
20. We made albums feat The Bomb,
Symbolic, Aggrovation
21.Prepair for anything
22. The Chosen feat Aggrovation
23. Judgement day for haters
24. Mr animal feat The Bomb
25. Mimic feat English, ORS
26. We have concerd
27.Never ending story on crack feat The Don,
The Bomb, Offkey Logic, Dark Horse,
Stalker, MFG, Symbolic, 02, The Saint,
English, Aggrovation, Eloquence

Excecutive Producers:
Jerome "Legend" White, & Dean "Nine" Simon